Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures to Consider

As we age, our skin begins to change over time. What starts as freckles and smile lines can progress into more noticeable sun spots and wrinkles. While this process is entirely normal, countless cosmetic procedures combat the unwanted signs of aging. Here are a few cosmetic dermatology procedures you can consider if you want to revamp your look. 

Botox and Dysport

Our bodies naturally produce collagen, which gives our skin elasticity and fullness. However, as time passes, this natural process beings to slow down. As a result, unwanted wrinkles can appear. Cosmetic dermatology procedures, such as Botox and Dysport, are an excellent solution for those who want to turn back the clock.

Our team will begin with a consultation to discuss your overall goals and then create a treatment plan for you to ensure we treat the proper areas. This procedure requires minor injections in key areas of the face. Botox and Dysport will reduce muscle activity in targeted areas without impacting other areas of the face. Patients experience minimal discomfort and see full results generally within one week.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

If you are looking for similar results to Botox without impacting muscle activity, Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are one of the best cosmetic dermatology procedures to consider. These temporary fillers replace lost hydration and volume in the face so patients will notice a hydrated and healthy glow following the procedure. Hyaluronic Acid fillers are used in various places all around the face but generally on the lower half of the face to replace volume and fill deep set lines. While there is some chance of redness, swelling, and minimal bruising immediately after receiving injections, results will be visible immediately following the procedure.

InMode Lumecca

While unwanted wrinkles are common in aging skin, they are not the only concern people face. Many suffer from sun damage, rosacea, and age spots. If you’re looking to improve the overall appearance of your skin, working toward clear skin is an excellent first step. InMode Lumecca allows patients to improve skin discoloration over time, so they can feel confident in their appearance. InMode Lumecca is a powerful light treatment that treats skin all over the body. While some see ideal results in one session, others opt for more to continue improving their target areas.

Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures at Waccamaw Dermatology

If you’re ready to take control of the signs of aging, we’re here to assist you. Schedule a consultation with our team to discuss your options. We can offer recommendations and treatments so you can reach your skin goals. Head to our website to learn more.

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