Waccamaw Clinical Trial of DecisionDx®-SCC

Waccamaw Clinical Trial of DecisionDx®-SCC: A Predictor of Metastasis Risk in Individuals

The Waccamaw clinical trial of DecisionDx®-SCC begins NOW. The trial period will offer free genetic testing for anyone with cutaneous squamous cell cancer, as DecisionDx®-SCC has been clinically validated as a predictor of nodal or distant metastasis. The treatment considers traditional prognostic risk assessment factors, further informing decisions on risk-appropriate treatment options.

DecisionDx®-SCC is performed on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) primary tumor tissue extracted by either a biopsy or excision, which then uses a gene expression profile (GEP) test to identify risk. This is determined by the biologic profile of 40 genes within the tumor tissue.

The anticipated treatment informers include:

  1. Nodal evaluation intensity at the time of diagnosis and primary treatment.
  2. Referrals and decisions regarding adjuvant therapy.
  3. Follow-up care & subsequent treatment frequency & intensity.

For more information on DecisionDx®-SCC, click here.

Trial & Candidacy Information

To be considered for this clinical trial, candidates must be an internal referral/patient of Waccamaw Dermatology and must be seen once at the Rourk location for onboarding. The Mohs team will be offering this trial to the appropriate patients, but please contact Bianca Chairge if you feel you have a patient that would benefit from the test (bchairge@waccamawdermatology.com). She can call the patient directly for more information.

Each patient will receive $25 upon entering the study. Participants will be required to have one in-person visit (hopefully done at the same time as their Mohs), then a phone call visit every six months for a total of three years. Additionally, patient charts will be flagged as a Study Patient.