Dermatopathology Services

Dermatopathology, a subspeciality of dermatology, involves the examination of skin tissue taken during biopsy.


With this in-house service, your diagnoses will be quickly relayed to your provider at Waccamaw Dermatology facilitating a level of sub-speciality collaboration typically reserved for large academic institutions. We are proud to offer this service to help prevent lost samples that can happen when your specimens are transported to outside laboratories.

If pathology services are performed as part of your dermatology visit, statements will now be composed of two parts: clinical and Pathology. The consolidation of statements from one rather than multiple organizations will simplify your record keeping and streamline inquiries about your billing reports. Since the services are performed and billed from Waccamaw Dermatology, there are no “out of network” denials. We continue to strive to provide you with the most complete dermatology experience at our practices.

How it Works

Dermatopathology involves the examination of skin tissue taken during biopsy at your office visit. This service provides a diagnosis at a microscopic and molecular level by a board-certified specialist in this field.

Dermatopathology involves a high number of different skin diseases. More than 1500 different disorders of the skin exist. They are difficult to diagnose without skin biopsy. The correct diagnosis is crucial to receive proper treatment and care.


While most dermatologists are able to recognize most skin diseases based on their appearances, they may work directly with a dermatopathologist for a diagnosis at a microscopic level.

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