Jenna Coakley

Certified Nurse Practitioner

Jenna Coakley is a Certified Nurse Practitioner at Waccamaw Dermatology who joined the team in 2023. Jenna was born and raised in Arizona and earned her Bachelor of Nursing degree from University of Arizona. Her extensive medical experience includes working as a Registered Nurse in oncology, dermatology, radiology, home health, and primary care. Jenna worked at Mayo Clinic while pursuing her Master of Science Nurse Practitioner Degree at Grand Canyon University. During her time at Mayo Clinic, she participated in quality improvement projects to ensure safe, high-quality, evidence-based care for patients. Jenna is specially trained in medical and surgical dermatology. 

In her free time, Jenna enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with her family and two cats. Jenna is committed to providing all patients with individualized, outstanding care while improving their overall quality of life.