Six Essential Winter Skincare Tips for Glowing Skin

The combination of low humidity, dry winter weather, and indoor heating all dehydrate the skin’s natural barrier and strip the skin of its natural oils. There are many routes to take when combating dry and irritated winter skin. Read on for Waccamaw Dermatology’s essential winter skincare tips that’ll leave your skin glowing and hydrated.

  1. Moisturize Often

Although it seems like one of the most obvious winter skincare tips, implementing a good moisturizer into your daily routine is vital for combating dry winter skin. If you usually use a lotion-based moisturizer, we recommend switching that out for a thicker cream or balm-based moisturizer in the wintertime.

EltaMD Moisturizer*

EltaMD Moisturizer melts on contact and retains 90% of the skin’s moisture for at least 12 hours. It applies easily and gently to avoid disturbing tender, irritated skin. This intense occlusive moisturizer absorbs deeply to moisturize and soothe inflamed, irritated, flaky, intact post-procedure skin. This waterless, sensitivity-free moisturizer is well tolerated on extremely sensitive skin resulting from cosmetic and medical treatments.

  • You Still Need SPF!

Sun protection is 100% necessary every day, regardless of the weather forecast or the time of year. Wearing sunscreen is one of the most important winter skin care tips because it prevents sun exposure that results in fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and skin cancer.

EltaMD UV Daily*

Serious UV protection and superior hydration join forces in this sheer facial sunscreen. EltaMD UV Daily has hyaluronic acid to boost moisture retention and diminish fine lines. This lightweight moisturizer with UV protection can be worn alone or under makeup. Choose from tinted and untinted formulas for use every day.

  • Switch to Hydrating Cleanser

Switching to a hydrating cleanser with glycerin and hyaluronic acid will help your skin lock in moisture. A hydrating cleanser will also protect the skin while removing dirt and dead skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

SkinCeuticals Gentle Cream Cleanser*

This gentle cleanser is a creamy, mild cleanser formulated with an emollient-rich surfactant and a 3% concentration of key ingredients combining allantoin, glycerin, and orange oil to soften and restore the skin’s surface. This non-foaming, gentle skin cleanser efficiently removes impurities and long-wear face and eye makeup without any traces of residue.

  • Limit Alcohol Consumption and Increase Water Intake

An increase in alcohol during the holidays can dehydrate you. Many people don’t know that when your body metabolizes alcohol, it releases acetaldehyde which can be toxic to the body tissues and skin— causing it to lose its natural moisture. Your skin will thank you for limiting alcohol consumption and replacing social beverages with water.

  • Exfoliate

Exfoliating one to two times per week can make a big difference in the texture of your skin this winter. If your skin is red, itchy, and flaky, it’s time to implement a gentle exfoliating scrub into your routine.

SkinCeuticals LHA Cleanser Gel*

This LHA Cleanser is a targeted exfoliating cleanser featuring a conditioning surfactant and a 12% concentration of key ingredients combining lipo-hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, glycerin, and sorbitol to remove excess oils and makeup, while decongesting pores and brightening skin.

  • Add Moisture to Your Home

To combat the lack of moisture in the air due to indoor heating, run a humidifier for a couple of hours per day. Adding moisture to the air can do wonders for the dryness of your skin this winter.

If you are still struggling with troubled skin after following these winter skincare tips, Waccamaw Dermatology can help. We offer treatments for problematic skin conditions like acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. Make an appointment at one of our dermatology locations today to discuss the perfect treatment for you.

*To purchase recommended products listed above, please visit one of our in-person dermatology locations.

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