The Retinol Benefits Dermatologists Love

What is Retinol?

Retinol is a form of vitamin A, often found in skin creams, serums, and lotions. Skincare products containing retinol are easily accessible over the counter, and stronger concentrations can be found through a prescription. Retinol benefits include anti-aging, acne control, and an evening of skin tone.

How to Use Retinol:

Since skin tones react differently to retinol, it is best to start slow when you first start using the product. You might want to use the product every other day, and gradually increase to morning and night use. Many people experience a “retinol purge,” which means that your skin might appear red and irritated before you start to see improvements. Retinol makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight; be sure to incorporate sunscreen into your morning routine when using retinol products.

Retinol Benefits:

Look Younger:

Retinol increases collagen production which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; making your skin look fresh and plump. Retinol also slows the skin’s production of melanin which can lead to a bright, youthful glow.

Clear Acne:

Retinol’s affinity for exfoliation leads to the unclogging of pores which in turn leads to fewer breakouts- resulting in less acne and fewer acne scars. Topical retinol treatments can help reduce inflammation surrounding current breakouts and future breakouts.

Even Skin Tone:

Uneven skin tone or the production of dark spots can be a direct result of sun damage. High cell turnover and exfoliation result in brighter and more even-toned skin.

Easily Accessible/ Affordable:

Products containing retinol are available over the counter and can be found at nearly all drug stores. Retinoids can also be prescription strength, providing a higher concentration of active ingredients. Unlike many costly acne and age-reducing treatments, retinol is relatively affordable.

Set up a consultation with a dermatologist today to discuss how you could benefit from adding retinol to your skincare routine. Waccamaw Dermatology offers several skin rejuvenation treatments.

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