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Skin Cancer Screening Procedure: What to Expect

As we grow older, we change and develop into new versions of ourselves. Our skin is no exception to this. Over time, skin that was once clear can develop irregularities in color and texture. While these changes are perfectly normal, they can sometimes be a warning sign for a deeper issue. It is vital to visit your dermatologist regularly to avoid potential skin cancer threats. Here is the complete list of what to expect before, during, and after your skin cancer screening procedure.

Before Your Appointment

If you know you need a screening, Waccamaw makes scheduling an appointment easy. Visit our website and select the time that works best for you. As your screening approaches, you can prepare yourself for the interaction. A few weeks before your appointment, pay closer attention to your skin than you typically would. Take a mental note of any new, itchy, or bleeding spots on your body. If you notice any of these issues, snap a picture and provide your dermatologist with this initial information.

During your Skin Cancer Screening Procedure

During your skin cancer screening procedure, we will ask you to change into a hospital gown so your dermatologist can examine your skin head to toe for signs of skin cancer. Our highly trained staff can detect abnormalities in the color, texture, and size of skin growths to assess if there are any problem areas. We will also look at your personal concerns if you noticed any issues before your screening. If we see a potentially cancerous spot, we will take a biopsy and send it off for testing. Our board-certified Dermatologists, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Associates will ensure that your screening is simple and painless. 

After your Appointment

What you need to do after your procedure may vary depending on your skin. If your dermatologist did not see any problem areas, you’re in luck! The American Cancer Society recommends getting a skin cancer screening procedure once every three years. You can easily make this next appointment through our website. However, if you received a biopsy, all you need to do is wait for your results. Results will typically take one to two weeks to come in. Our skilled dermatologists are here to assist you! We want to relieve any skin concerns you may have and help you stay in exceptional health!

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