skin cancer treatment in myrtle beach

Skin Cancer Treatment in Myrtle Beach

As the most common cancer in the USA, skin cancer plagues the lives of many, especially those who live in sunny locations like Myrtle Beach. Fortunately, there is a solution. Waccamaw Dermatology is your skin cancer treatment in Myrtle Beach that offers Mohs Surgery and Image-Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy.

Skin Cancer Treatment in Myrtle Beach

If you have been diagnosed with basal or squamous cell carcinoma, Mohs surgery is ranked as the most effective treatment. On the other hand, if you have been diagnosed with non-melanoma cancer or keloids, the #1 treatment is Image-Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy.

Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery has been found to have a 99% cure rate. The procedure is conducted in stages, removing thin layers of skin in the cancer zone. Each layer is tested, and the process is repeated until there is no evidence of cancer remaining. This procedure style allows the removal of all cancerous cells with minimal damage to the surrounding healthy skin.

Waccamaw Dermatology is proud to have Brandon J. Coakley as our board-certified dermatologist and fellowship-trained Mohs Surgeon for skin cancer treatment in Myrtle Beach. The highly-trained Dr. Coakley is the only in the area to provide the most effective technique for treating common skin cancers.

Image-Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy

Image-Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy is a skin cancer treatment in Myrtle Beach that treats non-malignant tumor cells and is an alternative option for Mohs Surgery. The procedure works by taking high-quality images of the target zone and using those images as a guide to aim a radiation device.

Why would one use Image-Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy instead of Mohs Surgery? While Mohs surgery is highly effective, it isn’t always practical for sensitive areas or organs. Using Superficial Radiation Therapy is a safe, painless alternative that may suit your individual needs.

I Need Skin Help

Do you want to address and treat your skin concerns but aren’t sure where to begin? Please make an appointment with us today to learn more. As the top skin cancer treatment in Myrtle Beach, we are here to help you get back to living a life of clear, beautiful, healthy skin. 

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